Search Process:

Over the past several months Trinity’s Personnel Committee has embarked on a national search for a Family Pastor. We had a very qualified candidate pool who submitted resumes and extensive applications. The committee and Pastor Bill have prayed, investigated, involved representatives from Trinity Kids and Trinity Student Ministries, and conducted in person and Skype interviews in order to find the candidate God has for us.

Trinity’s Family Pastor will lead students (6th-12th grades), children (K-6th grades), young adults and families to help them assimilate and serve at Trinity. He will also pastor these groups to spiritual restoration and growth with the gospel. He will help Pastor Bill as a team member, and also provide leadership, development, and direction for family ministries and volunteer teams as it relates to the vision of Trinity Church. He will be the vision crafter of a Crib to College vision and ministry philosophy. Trinity’s Personnel Committee is pleased to introduce to you Paul Nuñez - our top candidate for Trinity’s Family Pastor. 

Brief Bio from Paul:

I come from a bi-racial Mexican/Anglo background. I grew up in a lower middle class ethnic neighborhood but was educated in upper middle class, mostly white schools. My father was a blue collar carpenter, and my mother was a social worker. I have an agreeable personality and enjoy laughing and joking around. But, I am also energized by shepherding through trials and counseling others towards Christ-likeness. I love digging into Scripture and am zealous for expository Bible teaching and preaching that is Christ-centered. I have an aptitude for analytical thinking and am energized by problem solving and strategic thinking. I tend to read intellectually challenging books about Scripture and culture. I love playing sports and games, and enjoy spending time with my family outdoors. I have a diplomatic leadership style and prefer to influence people by getting on their level as an equal rather than their "boss".

Currently I am serving Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) where God blessed my efforts to turn around a struggling campus ministry growing it from 15 students in 2012 to 120 students who are thriving Christ followers at the present. I helped develop Cru’s new leadership team and am ready to go where God takes me next. My ministry vision is serving a church by building vibrant ministries that help babies feel loved, fascinate children with Jesus, connect teens with God’s story igniting a passion to live it out, and give young adults a vision of how to live out God’s story for the rest of their lives. I will equip faithful members to serve in their unique giftings, and shepherd and equip families towards Christ-likeness. In order to create a cradle to college ministry at Trinity I will build trust and buy in with volunteers and parents.

My family and I have enjoyed visiting Trinity. Your warm welcome and excellent Trinity Kid’s Program have made me want to be a part of your family. I look forward to personally meeting many more of you in the coming two weeks.

Paul, Jaimie, Sam, Tessa, and Ben Nuñez

Personal Info:

  • Married 12 years to Jaimie Nuñez with three adorable children, Sam-8, Tessa-6, and Ben-3
  • Understands effective multicultural ministry after growing up and now raising their family in San Jose, CA
  • Raised Catholic. Gave his life to Christ in 1999 when he was 18
  • 4th generation Mexican American on father’s side

Job and Ministry Experience:

  • Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) 2003 - present

New Staff 2003-2006   (UC Davis & Cal Poly Pomona) Including evangelism, follow-up, development and care for new leaders, build and teach small groups, plan strategically, develop and deliver messages.

Senior Staff 2006-2009   (Cal Poly Pomona) Including previously listed responsibilities plus launch and build culturally contextualized movements, lead staff through strategic planning process, develop systems for leadership development and new members engagement.

Missional Team Leader 2009-present (San Jose State University) Including previously listed responsibilities plus lead staff through collaborative strategic planning process locating needed resources, create an environment for healthy team relationships and prayerful dependence on God for ministry effectiveness, develop and shepherd staff and volunteers towards Christ-likeness and ministry effectiveness, shepherd and lead through disciplinary issues, develop and implement systems that disciple, assess, and train staff and volunteers, partner with local churches to integrate students into church families, create buy in and alignment evidenced by 50% of Cru leadership having come to Christ through Cru’s ministry.

  • Preaching Intern (Dwell Christian Church) 2017
  • Church Plant Core Team Member (Garden City Church) 2011-2016
  • Kids’ Ministry Volunteer at Garden City Church 4 years
  • Kids’ Ministry Teaching Lead at Garden City Church 2 years
  • Served as a deacon for 3 years at Garden City Church leading a weekly Home Group, discipling men, shepherding members and training new Home Group leaders
  • Using and implementing technology including social media, Google Suite, and database systems as I did at Garden City and at Cru where I tracked 1500+ new contacts ensuring effective follow up and ministry implementation.


  • Western Seminary, San Jose CA — Masters of Divinity program 2015-present
  • Cru IBS Institute of Biblical Studies Seminary Equivalent Courses 2004-2010
  • University of California Davis, Davis, CA — BA Economics 2003


  • Fascinating children with stories about Jesus
  • Building and leading vision driven teams
  • Equipping families in Gospel centered parenting because they are on the front lines of spiritual battle.
  • Shepherding believers towards maturity
  • Innovation and cultural engagement
  • Gospel centered, expository Bible teaching and preaching
  • Training others in evangelism, discipleship, and strategic planning
  • Church planting
  • Communicating the role of culture and ethnicity for individuals and ministries

Starting Trinity’s Cradle to College Ministry:

  • I will be prayerful and intentional.
  • I will build trust and buy in with volunteers and parents coming along side parents as partners in training up their child according to the Gospel.
  • We will thoughtfully define the “win” for each age group.
  • I will cultivate excellent volunteers both currently serving and new by painting a picture for people’s hearts about what discipling a generation of kids means.
  • I will ensure quality execution working closely with TK, AWANA, TSM Leadership, and Trinity College Ministry to implement helpful and easy-to-use systems and technology for organizing, tracking, and evaluating our progress. 

Note From Trinity Personnel Committee:

We have gotten to know Paul well and highly recommend him to serve as Trinity’s Family Pastor. God can use Paul’s strong experience leading diverse staff and students with Cru, his growth mentality and leadership and discipleship experience at Garden City Church along with his passion for all ages in ways to grow Trinity. Paul has a heart for families and understands how to connect them with the local church. Paul feels called to minister to families and people of all ages and from diverse cultures. Paul has experience teaching and leading Children and Student Ministries. Paul has an uplifting testimony of coming to know Christ from a Catholic background. He has a passion for helping people come to know Christ as Savior, and then helping them to live, own, and share that experience with others. Paul is a true disciple who has a strong history of making disciples.

Over the next 2 weeks, we have scheduled Paul to meet with different groups from Trinity (staff, deacons, ministry leaders, and small group leaders) so that he can get know our church family a little better, and can begin to answer your questions. Please determine how you fit into these groups and attend a session according to the included schedule below. Paul will also be available to the entire church body as he and his wife share their testimonies and participate in a Q&A session in the auditorium on Sunday afternoon, October 22 at 4:00.

Please take time to read this information, and be ready to welcome Paul and his family on our campus on Wednesday, October 18 and Sunday, October 22.

In His Service,

Trinity Personnel Committee

Greg Tomaschke (Personnel Committee Chairman)
Kim Ross
Keith Rice
Mary Jane Roberts
Dawn Fulton
Bill Boorujy
Evelyn Lawson (Non-Voting Consultant to the Committee)