If you have any questions regarding Seminar Groups, please contact:

Paul Nunez pnunez@trinitylivermore.org
Candi Miller candimiller101@gmail.com

Sunday Morning Seminar Groups

Engage in a six-week, discussion-based, course designed to equip you for Christian living.

June 3 - July 8

9:00am – Building B, Room 223 – Church History – Led by Harry Briley – Take an aerial view of the Church from the New Testament to the Reformation.

9:00am – Building B, Room 215 – World Religions – Led by Jenifer Leigh – Survey six major world religions and understand the Christian worldview response.

9:00am - Building B, Room 115 - Ministero Hispano - Led by Betsy Dane

10:30am – Building B, Room 223 – Survey of Theology – Led by Candi Miller – Understand how the doctrines of Christian faith make a coherent unit that inform one’s personal theology.

10:30am – Building B, Room 215 - Spiritual Gifts – Led by Paul and Jaime Nuñez – Find out how to utilize your spiritual gifts in Christian service – Purchase of books required.

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