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Sunday Morning Seminar Groups

Engage in a six-week, discussion-based, course designed to equip you for Christian living.


Summer Session July 22 - Aug 26

9:00am – Building B, Room 223 – Church History Pt. 2 – Led by Harry Briley – 1500AD to Today.  A look at a few root families of 300 denominations, where they came from, where they and we are going in our post-modern age, and what God might be doing unawares.   This is a speedy overflight of 500 years

9:00am – Building B, Room 215 – Spiritual Disciplines – Led by Jenifer Leigh – Growing in Godliness requires an intentional cultivation of spiritual disciplines in the believer's life. This class will discuss the need for spiritual disciplines and offer practical suggestions on how to implement them in your own life.

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