Drama is often used to enhance our worship experiences. Sara Stoebe (actsone@live.com) is the director of the Drama Ministry. For more information, visit the Trinity Baptist Church Drama Ministry website.

Tech Minstries

Our tech ministries are designed to enhance the various ministries within Trinity. The ministries consist of three main areas: video, sound, and lighting. The video ministry aids the congregation by providing visual representations of songs, verses, announcements and video clips for display during worship services. It also incorporates live audio/video in the worship center. The sound ministry aids the congregation by ensuring balanced and quality audio. The lighting ministry aids the congregation by controlling the visual mood of the worship center.

If you feel led to volunteer in this ministry, please contact Keith Rice at tbc.soundroom@gmail.com or call the church office at (925) 447-1848.


Trinity’s music ministries and drama ministry exist to support and enhance Trinity’s worship services. Our Sunday morning worship services are at the center of our life together as a congregation.


Music is a wonderful gift from God. We listen to it, rehearse it, and then give it back to God as our praise and worship. At Trinity we sing contemporary praise and worship songs and hymns arranged in a contemporary style. Our singing is supported by our worship band (piano, drums, guitar, bass, percussion, woodwinds), our worship choir, and our praise team singers.

The role of Trinity’s worship choir is being redeveloped. Please check back periodically to find out more.

For more information about Trinity's music programs, contact Tami Wysock at trinitypraiseteam@hotmail.com.