Pray for our missionaries

Our Missionaries can use your prayer support. Visit the International Mission Board (IMB) website at to find daily updated prayer needs of Southern Baptist international missionaries. To pray for North American missionaries on their birthdays, visit the North American Mission Board (NAMB) website at



Mission Giving

If you would like to give to one of our mission efforts, you can use the electronic, online "Give Now" button below. For more details, visit our Giving page.

Migrant Ministry

"Feeding Those Who Feed Us" is a ministry sponsored by the Califorina Southern Baptist Convention (CSBS). Trinity partners with the CSBC to help meet the physical and spiritual needs of migrant workers in Patterson and Westley. Each summer we lead a four-night event featuring a Backyard Kids Club for children and a Bible study for adults. Additionally, grade school children are provided with new backpacks and school supplies and families are given flour, sugar, beans and rice. Opportunities exist for expanding this ministry to include medical and dental services.

If you are interested in joining this mission team, contact Tina Jensen at 447-1848.

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Cooperative Program

Trinity is committed to missions - locally, in our state, our nation and all around the world. The primary expression of this commitment is seen in our support of the Cooperative Program. The Cooperative Program is Southern Baptists' method of pooling resources in order to do more together than we could separately. Churches designate a portion of their receipts for the Cooperative Program. These funds are sent to state or regional conventions where a portion of the money is kept for local ministry and missions and a portion is sent to the Southern Baptist Convention where it is distributed to our agencies and used to fund missions both at home and abroad. At Trinity we commit 8% of all of our undesignated gifts to the Cooperative Program.

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Associational Missions

Trinity is a part of the Costa Mesa Baptist Association. 

Trinity gives 2% of our undesignated income to support the ministries of our association.

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Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions

For 125 years Southern Baptists have been collecting an annual offering in support of international missions. More than $3.5 billion has been given to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering whose namesake inspired the first collection of gifts in 1888. Then, as now, every penny you give to "Lottie Moon" supports missionaries as they share the good news about Jesus Christ in countries all around the world. At Trinity, we emphasize international missions and the Lottie Moon offering each December.

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Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American Missions

The Annie Armstrong offering is used to plant new churches in North America. One hundred percent of the gifts given are used to support church planters and provide ministry supplies. Those missionaries and supplies are used to bring the message of Christ to people all across North America. Trinity promotes this missions work each year at springtime.

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California Mission Offering

During the month of September Trinity promotes and collects gift for the California Mission Offering. Mission efforts funded through this offering are aimed at reaching California's culturally diverse population. Mission efforts funded by CMO include: evangelism and church starting, healthy churches, associational support and disaster relief. All gifts collected through the CMO directly support mission projects and ministries in the Golden state. Gifts given through CMO demonstrate California Baptists' desire to reach the nations of the world because the Great Commission begins here.

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