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"Generous Stewardship - Elders: The Truly Deserving"

Audio File: 08-12-18_Nunez.mp3 (11.54MB)

Text - 1 Timothy 5:17-25, 4:13-16

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Click here to listen to "A Church Like That" Part 2

Session 2 is on membership. The introduction deals with church History from the 40's to present to understand how small a window our personal church history experience is and to see what has happened to the church during this period of time in America. It sets the stage for us to understand that if we are going to be the church God desires for us to be we need to look to Scripture to find our model. From this model in Session 2 we look at what church membership is from a biblical context.

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Click here to listen to "Leaders Like That" Part 2


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