Bill Craig, Lead Pastor

Pastor Craig graduated from Southern Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky with a Masters in Theology and Marketing. He graduated Frostburg State with a Bachelor’s in English and Philosophy. He was ordained into ministry while in college He loves teaching and preaching, writing, working with entrepreneurs and leaders, traveling the world, photography, sports and creative production of just about anything. He has spoken at seminars, trained and coached pastors and planters and churches around the world and loves to work with local churches in teaching the gospel, theology, missions and church planting. 

He and his wife have been married for 21 years and have been together for over 25 years. They were commissioned NAMB missionaries and have served in Missions their entire life. Both are preacher’s kids and it has been their Christian values and families that have influenced their call to serve the Lord. At an early age, Bill has been a church planter and pastor, now serving for over two decades. Still a young family, God has honored their service and used their family in four successful and growing church plants as well as starting a non-profit. Having accomplished this across the country and outside the country has provided a unique and global experience in leadership. Their Leadership style and experiences have been shown to raise up teams that continue on well beyond them, whether it is in the mid-west, the north-east or the south.

Their sons, Tyler and Ian are leaders, musicians, honor students, athletes and incredible servants inside and outside of the church. Both are honor students, love Jesus, lead on their travel and school soccer teams and are classical musicians and like to rock too. Jill, a music and voice major in college, is an incredible pianist, writer, vocalist and worship leader whom has lead or served on all of our worship teams. She is also a teacher and has taught in private schools in both Florida and Maryland.

Please contact Pastor Bill at 447-1848 (ext. 1005) or


Barbara Augustyn, Office Manager

447-1848 (ext. 1006) or

Jaime Gamble, Administrative Support

447-1848 (ext. 1001) or

Tina Jensen, Financial Support

447-1848 (ext. 1008) or

Candi Miller, Contributions Contact

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Peggy Mohr, Visitation

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Trinity Deacons are elected by the church membership to serve the church family and help the pastors.

There are three passages in the New Testament that are commonly cited concerning the office of deacon: Acts 6:1-7, Philippians 1:1, and 1 Timothy 3:8-12.

The Trinity deacons serve the church family and help the pastors by:

  1. Distributing of the Lord’s Supper, which is normally scheduled for the third Sunday of the month during the morning worship services.
  2. Providing ministry services to the families of the church. Each Sunday School Class is already assigned a deacon. There is also a contact list in the front of the church directory that you can use to contact any deacon directly.
  3. Working with the pastors to visit or contact all our new guests.
  4. Performing other needed duties as prioritized by the pastors.

If you would like a visit or a phone call from a deacon or if you are homebound and would like to receive the Lord’s Supper at home or in an extended care facility you can contact us via email at

If you have an urgent request please call the Trinity Church Office at (925) 447-1848.